Cover Your Trash!

Did You Know One of the Smartest Birds in the World Lives in California Deserts?

When it comes to brain power, the common raven (Corvus corax) is a serious bird nerd! Studies show ravens can outperform the problem-solving skills of 5-year-old humans and they can plan for the future – something thought only possible by humans and great apes! 

Did You Know for a Raven, Humans = Food, Water, and Shelter?

Over the past several decades, ravens’ intelligence has allowed them to thrive in increasingly human-altered ecosystems. With each new city, town, and road come new opportunities for ravens to find food, water, and nest sites. Making sure our trash cans and dumpsters are covered helps ensure raven populations do not continue to grow beyond natural limits! 

Did You Know Raven Population Growth Is Negatively Impacting Sensitive Desert Species?

Ravens eat other wildlife. Lizards, birds, and specifically young desert tortoises are prime targets for the raven. As the number of ravens in the Mojave Desert increases, the number of desert tortoises decreases.  

The good news is, you can help!

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Gold Star Recipients

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Ravenous Ravens

Why are ravens on the rise in the desert?
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Tortoises in Trouble

Baby desert tortoises have a soft shell that takes 5 years to harden!
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You Can Help

How can I help the desert tortoise?

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